Amsterdam Travel Guide

Hi huns – so I thought we could kick off with a bit of ~culture~ and I could tell you a bit about my trip to Amsterdam in October 2018.

We went for a long weekend for my friend Georgina’s 24th birthday, and you know she had a good time, because she missed her flight home – all fun and games.

I absolutely fell in love with Amsterdam, and it is definitely somewhere I will be going back to. I only say that about a handful of holiday destinations because I feel like ‘when you’ve done a destination, you’ve done it’. However when the destination in question is literally a forty-five minute flight away, you don’t really have any excuse, do you?

Do pack your street smarts though, I lost count of the amount of times my friends yanked me out of the road because I nearly got hit by a bike – you have to look left first in Amsterdam and it really threw me off lol. 

In this post I’m going to recommend to you a few of the best places we went and things we got up to throughout the weekend, on the off chance that you either A) are heading to Dam yourself or B) just wanted to read some of the tragic tales from our weekend – I can’t blame you and I hope you enjoy the read.

Greenwoods Singel

So one of my absolute favourite things to do when I go away is find little restaurants tucked out of the way, and 9 out of 10 times my findings are spot on – my friends will attest to this. I found Greenwoods Singel whilst researching online before we went away, and knowing I was travelling with a vegan I wanted to be prepared on somewhere to get a hangover brunch rather than traipsing around aimlessly until we found somewhere vegan friendly.

NB: One thing I must say about Amsterdam is it is very good on the vegan front and a lot of places are vegan friendly, its pretty trendy like that.

Described as a ‘cosy, modern wood restaurant serving hearty English breakfasts, sandwiches & traditional cream teas’; it definitely provides a comforting taste of home.

Be prepared for a short wait here though, you can’t make reservations, it is small and very popular. The staff were very understanding though, and kept a table for us in mind but let us pop to a café a few doors down so we didn’t have to stand outside – I think they felt sorry for me because I yet again nearly got hit by a bike right outside, hangovers make me clumsy.

Overall, the food here was absolutely delicious (see below), the staff were helpful for our hungover brains, the coffee was great and overall it was good value for money, a few of the girls couldn’t finish because their meals were so big. I could finish though – because I am a pig.


I definitely recommend a visit here; it’s worth the wait.

Episode Thrift Shop

If you’ve decided to go to Greenwoods Singel, or you’re just in the area and have some spare time to shop, this amazing thrift shop is just a few doors down.

It is absolutely bursting with vintage clothing and ~wavey garms~ all going for so cheap. There is such a huge range of clothing and accessories to buy. I’m not quite as ~trendy~ as my friends (juicy couture tracksuit), so although I saw loads of amazing bits I’m never quite brave enough to take the plunge – although I did scout out a vintage flannel shirt I absolutely love. My friends walked away with loads of lovely stuff, Georgina got some funky ski jackets and we all left very happy that we had found this little gem.

So if, unlike me, you’re trendy, definitely check this place out and take advantage of its bargains.

Sex Museum

Pretty self explanatory, does what it says on the tin, is a few doors down from a Maccerz, what more could you ask for?

Seriously though, this place is not only really interesting, but absolutely hilarious too and had us in stitches. Only downside is there is a lot of stairs, and when we were hungover we often had to stop for rests, although this isn’t strictly a downside, we are just lazy.

For five euros it’s a no brainer.

Red Light District

I didn’t really know what to expect when heading to the Red Light District, especially as it was a Sunday evening, most of our group were hangry and surprise surprise, we were hungover.

On a Sunday evening most of the streets on our walk there were deathly silent and actually a bit creepy, and I was worried we’d picked the wrong day to come. We literally turned a corner and the streets were full of music, chatter, cheering, and yes, red lights.

I remember walking up and down in utter disbelief that a place like this existed and I genuinely thought it was so cool, and for it to be this buzzing on a Sunday evening, I couldn’t help but think how busy other weeknights must be.

I don’t want to say too much as I think the element of the unexpected made it so much more fun, but it is definitely worth visiting and was one of the highlights of my trip.

P.S. the peep show is hilarious

P.P.S don’t even try and take pictures unless you want an angry naked lady to shout at you

De School

So I’m going to round off this post with one of the places you HAVE to see, particularly if you’re going to Amsterdam for the nightlife.

All I knew about ‘De School’ nightclub when I arrived, was it was a nightclub in an abandoned primary school, and as I pulled up to the front of a school reception I realised this was no joke.

We got there just before midnight for cheaper entry and there was no queue, so worth doing if like me, you hate queuing.

After a quick search, the security guard took my phone and stuck a sticker over the camera, explaining that you will be thrown out if you are seen taking any pictures or videos; which is why no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find any images to show you that does this place any justice. This also immediately made the whole night a much more immersive experience.

Just imagine an abandoned primary school, with classrooms still set up and projectors still rolling, filled to the brim with smoke and lit up red. The way I described it to my family was ‘the set of a zombie apocalypse movie’.

I have never been to a place like it, and the actual dance floor was equally terrifying. Pitch black apart from the odd strobe light, and so much smoke it created a thick fog, I genuinely couldn’t even see my own hand if I held it in front of me.

I feel like I’m not really selling this to you, but let me explain that this is a place for a true raver and a lover of all things trance, which my friends were, but I most certainly, was not.

Picture me constantly bumping into everyone and everything, because I literally could not see, just to get to the bar so I could sit at the back of the dance floor and anxiously sip a vodka cranberry til 6am.

Again I don’t want to say too much, but even though this was not my kind of scene, it was absolutely mind blowing to see and if you love the ~hip~ underground rave scene you will absolutely fall in love with this place. Or if like me, you love horror movies. Was 85% convinced I was going to get murdered by the ghost of a school child.

Soz about the strange review. Please just go and see this nightclub, you won’t be disappointed.

NB: These are extremely difficult to climb

Last but not least, I have a ~disclaimer~ about the Anne Frank House. The system to get in is completely different now, which quite a few people I have spoken to didn’t realise. The ticket system has changed from being able to simply queue to get in; you now have to pre-book a time slot a few days in advance, they fill up very quickly. Unfortunately this meant we didn’t get to visit the House, which I was really gutted about, but just gives me more of a reason to go back.

I hope someone will find this post useful in someway, and if not, I did have a good giggle remembering some of our shenanigans (shroomanigans?). I could go on but, my Mum and Dad read this (hi guys).

My next city break is coming up, in 10 days I am off to New York to follow my dream of becoming Carrie Bradshaw, and will of course fill you in when I’m back. If anyone has any suggestions of places to eat, things to see etc please do comment them below!

Until next time huns.

Love Seren x

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