Thinking Out Loud

Hi huns!

So I’m tucked up in bed, after having one of my fave LUSH bubble baths (was a leftover Christmas special bath bomb otherwise I’d recommend it to you – left my skin ~silky smooth~), in my dressing gown, reflecting on the week gone by.

I worked two night shifts this week, which are 7.30pm-6am. They were my first few so I was genuinely concerned I wasn’t going to stay awake but your girl killed it. Between 2am-4am were the hardest hours, so on my 2.30am break I made sure I didn’t sit in the comfy chairs, and instead sat extremely upright on a wooden chair downing a can of red bull.

So although I am alive, you’ll all be pleased to know, the over tiredness has left me suffering with the absolute worst side effect; sleep paralysis.

The NHS describes sleep paralysis as the inability to move or speak, when you’re waking up or falling asleep. It normally happens to me when I’m trying to wake up. It can be brought on by irregular sleep patterns, not getting enough sleep, and sometimes even sleeping on your back can increase your chances of an episode.

I’ve experienced it before, but this was at uni, so mainly self-inflicted due to a lack of sleep. However, trying to sleep during the day after a night shift means my brain thinks it’s time to be awake, and my body, does not.

It is v terrifying, like being trapped in your own horror movie, and I can’t really give you any tips on how to lessen the effects, as I haven’t figured out the best way for me yet – most people say its just something you need to ride out. This morning I fought so hard to move and open my eyes, I felt very frightened, but my body was having none of it. All fun and games.

If you suffer with it too, I’d be interested to hear your experiences so please let me know!

Other than the excitement of having a zombie lady stick her head through my door during sleep paralysis, I’ve had the January blues a bit this week. Post xmas annual feeling unhappy with my weight, feeling a bit lost in general and praying for the month to end so we can all reach the highly anticipated January pay day. I haven’t written anything either, because I didn’t know what to write about, and I started to think it was stupid of me to ever start a blog if I didn’t have anything to say. But I decided to stop beating myself up, and just say what was going on with me, so voila.

Alternatively, if there is anything in particular you’d like to hear from me, please let me know!

Have a fab rest of the weekend!

Love Seren x

2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. So, I didn’t know sleep paralysis was a thing…now I do and it sounds awful, like something from a horror movie! It will pass, I am sure, as all things do and your body becomes more used to it’s ‘out of hours’ scenario. As for any self doubt you have about your blog and what you have to say…turn it into self belief, we all have something to say, the question is ‘do we have the courage to do so’? And you do! X

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    1. It really is lol! You try to shout for help too and nothing comes out! Jaffa was in one of my hallucinations this morning trying to climb on my head, although that could have been real lol! Thanks Mum love you lots xox


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