Happy bloody Valentines Day to me!!!

Hi huns!

So I haven’t written in ages which I can only apologise for, however a lot has changed in my life recently including moving back home to my Mums and changing jobs! I made some positive changes for the better and it’s truly given me a new lease of life. I’m sure you were all devastated not to hear anything so don’t panic I’m back xox 

So it’s Valentine’s Day today…*tumbleweed*. Love is for sure in the air because I’ve got a seat on the tube – I cry. Realistically, I probably would have forgotten if it wasn’t for the very stressed and anxious looking men fighting their way through the jubilee line whilst clutching a bouquet with the label still on last night. 

The most romantic thing that’s happened to me so far today is I basically fell into a mans lap on the train. And because life isn’t a fairytale he didn’t sweep me up off my feet but shot me a dirty look and probs vowed to get on the 8.03 rather than the 8.10 tomorrow. 

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day anyway, I think if you’re taken it’s much nicer to just have a lovely meal at home and write a card, but if you’re single it’s an excuse to drink a whole bottle of wine on a school night. Win win! 

Going out is such a con, restaurants are like “okay so here’s our normal menu reduced to three options with some heart confetti and a glass of cava that’s £75 each please!”.

I know I’ll be going home, having a delicious M&S ready meal, a glass of red (a bottle of red), and curling up with my handsome prince Jaffa to watch a Rom Com, then I’ll probably have a bubble bath and head to bed – and I genuinely cannot wait.

handsome prince

Having said that, today is a day where people can understandably be feeling very lonely, so let’s look out for each other! Reach out to your friends, do a social media shout out for your recently single bestie, call that person you haven’t heard from in a while! You don’t know how much it might mean to someone to hear from you.

Seriously though, I want to reiterate (with the upmost stress), the point that – single or taken, alone or with friends, whether you’re happy as Larry or feeling a bit blue, if you see through the overpriced flowers, heart shaped chocs and cringe social media posts, today is just a Thursday.

Love Seren x

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